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Qasil Powder

Qasil Powder

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Qasil is an amazing powder derived from the Gob tree, native to East Africa.

East African women have been using the leaves of the tree for centuries to exfoliate, soften and brighten their skin. Qasil will not stain skin .

Common use of Qasil powder :

* Exfoliating and deep cleanse the face

* Fade scars  /dark spots

* Helps with Acne

* Anti-aging


1. Simply mix a teaspoon of powder with 2 teaspoon of warm water. Add enough to make a spreadable paste

2. Apply to your face and neck and leave to dry for about 10-15 minutes.

3. Rinse off, pat dry, and moisturize (Use 2-3 times a week) Always do a patch test.

🌱  INGREDIENTS: Qasil Powder (all natural ) 3oz Jar

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